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We are support in the healthcare landscape.

Comprehensive Assistance

We offer a wide range of subsidy plans tailored to diverse needs, ensuring coverage for a variety of healthcare services.

Financial Relief

Our subsidy programs are designed to alleviate the financial strain associated with medical expenses, giving you peace of mind during challenging times.

User-Friendly Experience

Navigating healthcare expenses can be overwhelming. Expand Help simplifies the process, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience.

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Coverage Plans

Discover the freedom of worry-free healthcare with Expand Help's comprehensive coverage plans.


$ 37 /Month
  • Primary Care Access
  • Prescription Medication Support
  • Telehealth Convenience


$ 70 /Month
  • Holistic Wellness Coverage
  • Fitness and Nutrition Benefits
  • Health Coaching Services


$ 110 /Month
  • Family-Focused Coverage
  • Pediatric Care Benefits
  • Maternity Support

What our affiliates say

"Expand Help has been a game-changer for my family. The EssentialCare Subsidy Plan not only made routine healthcare accessible, but the telehealth feature has been a blessing in busy times. Knowing that we have a reliable partner in our health journey gives us the peace of mind we've always sought. Grateful for the transparency and warmth of the Expand Help team!"

Lucas A,

"WellnessGuard Plus has been a lifeline for me. The coverage for mental health services and alternative therapies aligns perfectly with my holistic approach to well-being. The health coaching services have been instrumental in guiding me towards healthier lifestyle choices. Expand Help doesn't just cover medical expenses; they actively support my journey to a healthier, happier life."

Patricia R.

"FamilyShield has been our safety net during times of need. From pediatric care benefits for our little ones to the seamless coverage of maternity services, Expand Help has truly understood the diverse needs of our family. The comprehensive approach to family-focused healthcare has made us feel secure and cared for. Expand Help is more than a subsidy provider; they are an essential part of our family's health and well-being."

Liam S.

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